What To do in Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

What To do in Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai Tour

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

Start off your vacation with a Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai Tour. A Dubai holiday has to be among the most exciting holidays one can have. You can choose from a wide variety of Dubai luxury holiday rentals ranging from self-catering apartments to exclusive beachfront villas and there are so many different places to stay in Dubai. This is a good reason why so many people prefer to go on a Dubai holiday.

The stunning red sand dunes, situated at thirty-seven feet tall, make for a thrilling experience while dune bashing. Experience the soothing views of the Arabian desert whilst taking on the dune buggy at the most authentic desert safari in Dubai.

As soon as you step out of your hotel you can head to the beachfront area and enjoy a day of fun and games with the beach clubby staff and their guests. The fun starts as you take on the red sand dune buggy from the hotel’s front entrance for an adrenaline-fuelled afternoon of sand racing. This is a place where you are safe, secure, and relaxed.

Once you reach the beachfront you can relax by the water’s edge. A nice walk along the beach will take you right back to the days when the sands of the desert were still soft and the beaches were still warm. A walk around the beachfront villas gives you an opportunity to have a nice dip in the cool ocean waters.

Fun Activities in Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

If you fancy a more active day, then head over to the beachfront villa and experience a complete desert experience. Here you’ll have access to all of the activities that you need to complete your desert adventure including hiking through the sand dunes and dune buggy tours, along with plenty of other activities such as fishing, swimming, and more.

Another option for a more relaxing time in the desert is to try and take a stroll in the Arabian Gulf. This area of Dubai is one of the largest water bodies in the world and is perfect for strolling along its sands and seeing amazing coral reefs and fish. When you’re finished enjoying yourself and doing the things you want to do, you’ll have the luxury of a quiet place to enjoy the sun and water’s rays. In the evenings, the sunset will lighten up the desert and the whole experience will become even more enjoyable.


There’s no better way to get up close and personal with wildlife than with the help of a dune buggy. You’ll be able to get a close-up view of the different animals that live in the area and even see some of them up close and personal before you hire your own dune buggy. This is a great experience to see and experience the beauty and diversity of the surrounding desert before you travel to Dubai.

Dubai holidays come with many different options. The options range from traditional luxurious accommodations to a more relaxed option. Either way, you’ll be sure to have the time of your life. This is because the desert is truly one of the most beautiful places you can visit in the world.

Hot spots

With so many locations in the Middle East that offer desert vacations, you are bound to find one that suits your needs. The key is to make sure that you choose a resort where the location is one that you are comfortable in and can easily get around. It’s important that you choose a place that is convenient for you, as well as being a place where you can relax and unwind. without any worry about getting lost or experiencing difficulty while exploring the area.

Dubai has it all, but it’s the desert that makes it all worth doing. With endless sun and sand, you’ll never run out of things to do. It’s an ideal destination for nature lovers who want to enjoy a relaxing getaway or those who love the thrill of being on a journey.

Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

Red dune vacations are an excellent choice for people who like to get away from the everyday grind and to experience the sights, sounds, and smells of the desert. If you prefer to stay at a resort, then it’s important that you choose a resort that will allow you to do just that.

In fact, even if you don’t want to go for a long drive through the sand dunes, there are many attractions within a walking distance of the sand dunes. Dubai holidays don’t have to be just about having fun but about a way to experience the amazing beauty of the desert and a more peaceful lifestyle as well.

Enjoy the Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai From the Comfort of Your Home in Dubai or Sharjah is the most sought after destination in UAE for desert safaris and adventures. Full-featured adventure tour in one exciting package, in an area of high sandy dunes. Camel ride, hot air balloon ride, desert buggy, four-wheel drive, hot air balloon flight, campfire experience, camel safari, and live music and shows. Also includes hotel pick up and drop off in Sharjah and Dubai for convenience.

Air Bourne Tours

A well-organized tour of desert tours takes place in Dubai or Sharjah, which includes all types of activities from helicopter ride to a camel ride, from sand-boarding to camel riding. All the activities are available in various budget and luxury class. You can choose a perfect destination to visit and enjoy the Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai.

Various companies offering this tour offers different packages according to the requirement. Tour packages in Red Desert Safari in Dubai include hotels, tours, and airfare in Sharjah or Dubai. The complete tour includes meals and accommodation, sightseeing tours, entertainment, activities, and games. Most of the companies offer tour packages with all-inclusive services like hotels, airfares, campsite, safari packages, and car hire. Travel agents arrange the tour packages and conduct the tour for travelers.

Variety of Packages

You can visit different travel agencies in the city or the internet to know the complete information about the tour package. These agents provide services for all kinds of vacationers. These travel agents arrange the tours according to your requirement. They also guide you through the whole process of enjoying this incredible tour. To explore the Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai, you can book online from the websites of tour companies. Tour packages offered by the travel agents include flights, hotels, and car hire, sightseeing tours, and activities. You can choose the package that suits your requirements and budget.

Once you have selected your travel agent, they will contact you and discuss all the details. regarding the trip. Your travel agent will give you all the information before you travel to the UAE. They will also inform you about the place where the tour operator has set up their own office where the tour operators meet to conduct a tour of the tour. This will help you in making the arrangements on your behalf.

Agents are not only concerned about arranging the tour, but also in providing you with all kinds of services like accommodation, transport, food, water, etc. . to ensure that the tour is perfect. They also prepare your luggage for you. They are well informed about the best way to get to the place from the airport. If you want to stay at a hotel in Red Dune, the agents will arrange for a room at a hotel.

Sports Activities

It is the duty of the travel agent to arrange your hotel room for you and your family so that you can enjoy your vacation at a nice place in the Red Dune. These tour operators also arrange the activities during the time of your vacation. They organize beach volleyball tournaments, camel safaris, horse riding, and adventure sports. These activities help in getting you closer to nature. You can also make arrangements with these travel agents for all your needs.

If you want to stay in comfortable accommodation, you can book it online from the websites. The travel agents will provide you with all the details about the hotels, their availability, and the facilities offered by them. Online booking of tickets can be conducted online too. as mentioned above, online booking of tickets enables you to book the tickets for hotels or tour operators in a single click. and you can enjoy all the benefits of these services. as and when you are available. Book your hotel room now and enjoy this tour in Dubai and enjoy the beauty of the Red Dune desert in Dubai. Booking your hotel room online can be the most convenient way to plan for your vacation.

Red Dune Desert Tour Packages

Red Dune Desert Tour Packages From Travel Agencies Are you looking forward to a wonderful tour to the most beautiful part of the world? If so, you are about to enter a different type of adventure when you take part in the Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai. There are many things to do and see while on this exciting tour. When you have selected a date to take part in the Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai, you need to know where you will be staying. You can choose from the various locations that you have picked out. The email or phone number or password that you entered is incorrect. Please reset it. Click here if you still have not done so.

Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai. During the tour, you will visit various sites including desert picnic, camel riding, sandboarding, etc. There will also be some live shows and workshops conducted to help you explore the various sites. Red Dune is located on the Arabian Peninsula, on the southern edge of UAE. It is an arid desert, which has high sand dunes with steep cliffs. These cliffs are covered with green vegetation and make this part of the country very attractive to wildlife and plants. Tourists come here to see animals such as lions, leopards, jackals, and even desert eagles, which are quite rare in this area.

Fun Activities

The Red Dune desert offers a wide range of activities for the tourists. The camel rides, in particular, are very exciting as these offer the travelers a chance to go close to nature. There are also many campsites available to stay at. Moreover,  several tour operators provide tailor-made tours for the tourists.

There are many companies offering the tour in Red Dune. Some of them are the ones mentioned below: Most of these companies offer various packages and tour packages to the tourist, which include all the details of the Red Dune Desert safari. The tour includes the camel ride, lunch and show, live entertainment, and live shows, etc

Travel Agent

You can book the tour through any of the agencies, which are listed above. You will be able to choose from any of the packages according to your budget and the agencies will guide you. These companies have some special offers for the tourists.

Accommodation Place

Accommodation Place

Many of these companies will offer you the tour packages that are customized according to your needs. A customized tour will provide you with all the things that you need for the tour. such as hotels, airfare, and guides. You can opt for different kinds of accommodation during your tour such as tent camping, hotels, or cottages. Each of the hotel offers various facilities for the tourists, which include the best rooms, Internet connections, internet access, laundry services, and the like.

Durning activities of Red Dune Desert safari Dubai

There are also many activities to enjoy during your Red Dune Desert safari in Dubai. You can go for a camel riding or a hike, which is very exciting. There are numerous hiking trails that are available. There are many different options for the tourists. These companies will take care of your accommodation, food, and travel arrangements so that you are able to enjoy the tour and explore the Red Dune Desert.

Tour Packages

The companies will provide the tour packages that are customized according to your requirements. The tour package includes accommodation, transport services, and the guides. You can also get the tour packages through the company’s website.

The tour packages offered by the companies are customized according to the tourists’ needs. The companies are well aware of the different things that the tourists like to do while on their vacation. The Red Dune Desert is one of the best places to spend your vacations. It has lots of places to explore and plenty of tourist attractions to visit. So if you are interested to go for a safari holiday, then do not waste any time and book your tour packages from the websites that are listed above.

Thing to do in Red Dune Desert Safari Dubai

You can experience the desert privately. If you are planning to take a vacation in Dubai, then make sure that you take a tour of the Red Dunes. You will not be disappointed. This is one of the hottest destinations in the world where you will feel like you have stepped back in time. Before you take out your vacation for a Red Dune Desert Safari in Dubai, you need to make a booking with a tour operator.

So, if you have forgotten the password or email address that you used for booking, just reset it by using the instructions given on their website. You can book your stay at Dune Cottage in the Red Sand Dunes or you can choose from the different accommodations that are available in the hotels in the area.

There are different packages depending upon the number of days that you want to spend in the Red Dunes. These packages may also include a car rental for a day, and other services such as sightseeing, sight-seeing, and nightlife. You may also have the option of hiring a helicopter for a view of the Dune Cottage or maybe even taking part in a camel ride. If you want a little more adventure, then you can go for some rafting or hiking.

The Red Dune Cottage

Red Dune Cottage

It is located in the middle of the sand dunes. It is located at a distance of a few kilometers from the airport. The view of the Red Sands is truly spectacular. The Dune Cottage is surrounded by trees and lush greenery.

In order to reserve your stay at the Red Dune Cottage, you must call or e-mail the operators in the field and get the details of your reservation so that they can tell you what type of accommodations you are going to have. and what service will you get?

Dune Cottage in the Red Sand is known for its restaurant. It is known for its dining services, which offer a variety of cuisines, and dishes, both local and international. You can rent a camper van and travel to the local pubs, restaurants, and other nightspots in the area. There are many places where you can enjoy a good time and relax.

Sand Dunes

The Red Sand Dunes are famously considered to be the tallest dunes in the world. These dunes have been used as a picnic ground for a long time. Dunes can be explored by a camper van or a Jeep. Hire a private vehicle to explore these areas. There are lots of things you can do while on your visit to the desert.

Natural beauty of the Red Dunes Safari Dubai

The most important thing that you can do is to enjoy the sights and sounds of the natural beauty of the desert. There is the Dune Safari Package that includes everything that you need for the tour of the desert.

A dune camper offers you a guided drive through the desert on the Dune Cottage. The Dune Explorer includes a camper van with a tour around the Cottage. A guide explains the different features of the desert along with different kinds of animals in the desert.

The Dune Explorer also comes with a map of the area. You are also provided with a satellite navigation system and a map of the area. There are several other packages that include meals and drinks as well. These are one of the best things that you can do while on the visit to the Red Dune Desert.



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