Coronavirus Detailed Explanation! How to protect yourself

Coronavirus Detailed Explanation! How to protect yourself

Coronavirus Detailed Explanation! How to protect yourself

What is Coronavirus? How To Protect My Self Complete Guide

Today we are going to talk about Coronavirus. We all know how this particular virus has created havoc all over the world. China, Italy and the United States of America are the most affected countries. Along with this, this virus has also made its presence in Iran, Pakistan India, and 175 other countries.

What exactly is coronavirus?

is a disease that affects a person as a result of Coronavirus. This virus belongs to a group of viruses and it is extremely deadly. It is so deadly that people are dying like hotcakes in Italy and China because of the severity of it.

It is said that this virus is highly infectious. This means that this virus has the capability of transmitting itself from one person to the other in a span of seconds. We all see the news on TV or on newspapers every single day and we know that the virus is definitely getting out of hand.

The severity of this virus is so much that it attacks the immune system directly. People who are over 60 or have other diseases are more likely to be affected by this virus.

What are the symptoms of Coronavirus?

This virus is very infectious and it has the potential to transform from person to person. As far as the symptoms of this virus are concerned then these include high fever, flu, dry cough, pneumonia or lungs problem.

How Coronavirus spreads in a system?

Coronavirus is extremely deadly and it spreads in a span of a second. A person can be affected by this virus in a very creepy way. Let’s say that the person who is affected by this virus was in touch with the person who already had this virus.

Upon getting this virus, coronavirus will go into the throat. Once this virus is in the throat then it will have the person coughing and sneezing endlessly. Cough and sneezing are the initial symptoms of this virus. This virus has the potential to stay in the throat of a person for 72 hours. From there, this virus goes into the lungs and that causes pneumonia.

Pneumonia can be so hard that the person who is affected with coronavirus can shake badly. The shaking can continue for hours or for days. People who have weak immune systems eventually succumb to this deadly virus.

Coronavirus is extremely dangerous and it is creating devastation in the entire world at a very fast pace

As far as coronavirus treatment is concerned then so for there is none. So far no vaccination has been invented for this virus and that has made this virus much more dangerous.

Coronavirus treatment includes the regular treatment of flu and cough. People who have a strong immune system eventually get out of this disease without getting into any deadly thing. Other than this, people who are not very good with immunity and who already have other diseases eventually succumb to this. It is a very strong virus and it has the potential to spread very fast. Social gathering can be a killer and it is best to avoid social gatherings if you want to avoid the virus.

You can catch it from other patients:

It is quite possible for you to catch this virus from others. This particular virus has the potential to pass through person to person through the droplets from nose or mouth. It is never a good idea to sneeze or cough on another person if you already have contracted this virus.

This virus doesn’t only spread from person to person, it also spread from surface to person. For instance! If the droplets of this virus are on any Steel equipment and a person touches it then he can contract this virus.

Coronavirus is extremely dangerous and it has the potential to create havoc all around the World. It is always the best idea to stay safe by applying the principle of social distancing. Make sure that you stay away from people who are coughing or sneezing so you have better chances with life.

Once a person touches the surface that has this virus then he has high chances of contracting the virus. Make sure whenever you come home after being outside then you wash your hands for 20 seconds. After that is also a good idea if you wash your face or visible body parts as well.

Precaution is the only key because so far this virus has no vaccination and it is due to create more devastation.

Can coronavirus be transmitted through the air?
coroavirus be transmitted through the air

Coronavirus has created distress all over the world but we have one good news. Different researches have been conducted on this virus and it has been established that this virus cannot be transmitted through the air. This virus only has the potential to be transmitted through direct touch or droplets. It cannot be transmitted through the air. If we will be breathing the same air as of the corona patients still we have a chance to be safe. We just do not need to touch the Corona patients.

To be honest, coronavirus doesn’t really see the age. It can happen to anyone be it kids, elders or adults. How it will affect the person depends upon the condition of a person. If the immune system of a person is strong enough then this virus can be tackled. On the other hand, if a person is above 60 and he is already in the midst of so many diseases then he is sure to be the victim of this virus.

The success rate of this virus depends upon the strong immunity system of a person. The stronger your immune system, the more chances you have with this virus. In this bleach times,  it is important that we stay together and prepare for this virus.

There are so many good nutritious foods for coronavirus and coronavirus treatment lies in having these nutrients. Make sure you consume these foods that are rich in nutrition’s so your immunity system has a chance to stand this extremely bleak virus.

When Coronavirus started and how did it spread?

coronavirus symptomsCoronavirus started in December 2019 when the first patient of this virus was reported in China. Back in time, people had no awareness of this virus. They thought that it is completely ok to ignore it. The affected patient got mingled with other patients and he ends up infecting many.

In February the Coronavirus gone out of hand in China and because of this on 11 March 2020 World Health Organization announced that Coronavirus is now a pandemic.

death rate of coronavirusSpeaking of 22nd March more than 315000 cases for coronavirus have been reported in around 188 countries. As far as the death rate of coronavirus patients are concerned that it is as high as the Thirteen thousand deaths. There are also 95000 recoveries and only people who have a strong immune system have recovered.

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How did coronavirus spread?

Chinese people have the habit of eating whatever they can lay their hands on. Back in time, we have seen a lot of videos where Chinese people were eating rats, snakes, bats, and whatnot. It is said that Coronavirus came into people through some animal but the animal is not yet identified.

Some say that this virus arrived because of bats, some say that it has spread because of rats but we are still not sure. Researchers have been conducted on this very subject and the report is still due. There is a certainty that Coronavirus has been transferred to people because of some animals.

We are aware of the plague that happened because of rats. There are some animals that shouldn’t be eaten at all but Chinese people especially don’t care about this thing. It is the ignorance of Chinese people that now the whole world is suffering from coronavirus.

So far the only vaccination of Coronavirus is social distancing. The more you distance yourself from people, the more there are chances for you. Make sure that you practice social distancing as much as possible because it is the only cure for now.

What are the necessary steps that should be taken to protect yourself from coronavirus?

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Why is it recommended to avoid close contact with anyone who has a fever and cough?

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Coronavirus is an extremely dangerous virus. It has taken the lives of many people.

More than 13000 people have been died because of this deadly virus. The people have died because they didn’t have a strong immune system. These people died because there is no Coronavirus treatment available for now. There is no vaccination that is out there that will kick this virus from your life.

You may ask that if there is no vaccination available for Coronavirus then how can you protect yourself from it? There is only one way through which you can protect yourself and that is social distancing. You do not need to mingle with people and You do not need to go out. You do not need to do the stuff you used to do.

There is no need for you to go to restaurants to eat because you never know on which surface the virus is resting. As soon as you will touch it you will catch it. You make sure that you are not mingling with people. Make sure you are not in a crowd that has more than 16 people.

There are certain precautionary measures that you can take to protect yourself from Coronavirus and we are going to talk about these precautionary measures. It is advisable for the people to make sure that you apply these strategies because these are the only things that are going to protect you in this difficult time

  • Don’t go out in public places and if you have to go then make sure you are at least 3 feet away from people.
  • Do not sneeze into your hands. If you feel like sneezing then make sure that you are sneezing in your elbow.
  • There is no need for you to go out and eat in a restaurant. Stay at home, cook your own food and stay safe.
  • Do not ask your children to go outside and play. Children are at lesser risk of catching this virus but still, protection is needed.
  • If you want to ring a bell then make sure you are not ringing the bell with your own hands. Other than this, ring the bell with your elbow
  • The most important precautionary measure is all about washing your hands. Even if you are at home and not going out still you need to wash your hands. Whenever you wash your hands make sure you watch them for 20 seconds straight. These 20 seconds will make sure that you are protected against this virus.
  • Also, it is a good idea if you use sanitizer. The sanitizer has alcohol in its ingredients and alcohol is very good for killing this virus.
  • Social distancing is the key. Make sure you stay away from people as much as you can. There is no need for you to arrange birthday parties. There is no need for you to go into any public gathering. Just stay at home and be protected.
  • If you have to go out then make sure you are wearing a mask. Having a mask on your face will go a long way and it will protect you from the droplets of this virus. Whenever you go out to make sure you are wearing this mask. We will tell you shortly how to properly wear this mask so you have a better idea about it.

  When and how you should wear a mask to protect yourself from Coronavirus?

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

   How to put on, use, take off and dispose of a mask?

Source: World Health Organization (WHO)

Contrary to the popular belief that you need to wear a mask to protect yourself from Coronavirus, this is not true. You only need to wear the mask if you are with the Coronavirus symptoms. The regular coronavirus symptoms include coughing or sneezing. So if you have contracted this virus then make sure that you wear the mask constantly so you do not affect the people around you. There can be any kind of masks. One can be a regular mask and one can be a disposable mask.

Now we are going to tell you how you can wear the mask properly for coronavirus by following this procedure. You can be certain this way that you are safe and things are good for you.

  • Before you even think about putting on a mask, it is important that you wash your hands with an alcohol-based The sanitizer is going to protect you in case there is a virus on your hands.
  • The next step is all about adjusting the mask on your mouth and nose. Make sure that your nose and mouth are covered because the virus has the habit of going into your respiratory system through your nose or your mouth in the form of tiny droplets.
  • It is not advisable to touch your mask with your hand or arms. Just let it stay in its place and there is no need for you to touch it.
  • Once you make sure that the mask is of no use then you can dispose of this mask. Make sure when you rid yourself of the Mask then you put the Mask in the dustbin.
  • That is all the precaution you need for Coronavirus. It is important for you to remember that this virus is going to stay in your respiratory system if you are infected. So make sure that you cover your mouth or nose whenever you go out. This way your chances will increase against many of the people who will not use the precautionary measures.



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