Ways to Enjoy VIP Desert Safari to the Fullest in Dubai (2020)

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

Ways to Enjoy VIP Desert Safari to the Fullest in Dubai (2020)

Ways to Enjoy VIP Desert Safari to the Fullest in Dubai (2020)

Dubai is a jewel in the Middle East, literally sparkling in its glittering sands. This city is synonymous with some of the most spectacular scenery in the world. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf, Dubai resembles the country’s natural surroundings in many ways. These natural sights are featured in numerous national and international tours, including the VIP desert safari. There are endless activities to do in the desert, which will delight all the family and adventure-seekers.

Good to Know

This is just an overview of the many activities you can enjoy when you opt for an adventure tour to the desert. The best thing is that you do not need any travel or accommodation arrangements to enjoy the adventure. You just need to get ready with your desire to explore the world of wonderment and have a camera to capture the experience forever in your camera. No travel arrangements are necessary if you are planning an exotic desert safari. All you need to do is get online and make the reservations in advance with Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours.

About This Guide

This is a guide to planning a desert safari in Dubai. This is the right place to begin your adventure. Desert safaris give the greatest experience to travellers who love to see the wonders of nature. Thus, plan your VIP desert safari in Dubai now and have an experience to treasure for a lifetime.

Largest Attractions

The largest attraction of Dubai is its close proximity to the Arabian Desert on its way to the southern tip of Africa. Visitors can easily experience the rich traditional culture and learn about the history of the Bedouin people through the Bedouin settlements that dot the desert.


There are several desert safari activities to participate in while here including desert safari, Arabian buffet dinners, camel riding, sheeshas and an array of other adventure activities. The Desert Safari provides visitors with an opportunity to enjoy the beautiful flora and fauna of the desert. The experience includes camel riding, desert safari, and trekking in the sand dunes.

Activities in Desert

VIP Desert Safari Dubai

A VIP desert safari is a great way to spend your holiday in Dubai. You can relax in a comfortable chair, take in the breathtaking view of the mountains and feel as though you are really at home. Take a sandboarding or wakeboard ride down the river. Experience a fabulous morning at the sand dunes in this amazing dessert. Get away from the city for an adventurous, daytime tour of this incredible desert reserve. The activities to do in the Desert are endless.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

For those interested in a more relaxed journey, there is also the Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai. It includes an opportunity to drive in a hot air balloon, views the sunrise over the desert.

Sunrise Desert

Sunrise Desert

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

The Dubai Morning Desert Safari is a truly unforgettable experience. You can start your day by enjoying the breakfast buffet, then get on the sandboarding or wakeboarding rides through the dunes. This morning desert safari also includes an opportunity to tour the gardens. You can then return to the sands for lunch before returning to the dunes for the evening safari.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Sunset Desert

At sundown, you can enjoy desert buggy racing, trekking, and a camel safari through the sand dunes. The hot air balloon ride returns you to the safety of your vehicle after experiencing the sunrise and sunset over the incredible desert.

Dunes Bashing

Another desert safari activity to enjoy in Dubai is taking a fourx4 vehicle out onto the sands. Visitors can enjoy a variety of activities such as traditional campfires, sand boarding and camel riding. Sandboarding refers to four-wheel driving on sand. Camel riding provides guests with a unique chance to witness the lifestyle of the Bedouins. UAE tours organized by companies offering travel packages to the Middle East include traditional Bedouin desert safari tours.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

An excursion into the dunes of Abu Dhabi also offers guests the opportunity to partake in traditional Bedouin desert activities such as sheeshas. Sheeshas are the sandmen that women would tie to their car and ride in the dunes. The experience is supposed to be spiritual and it is said to help them see the world in a new way. The four-wheeled vehicles allow the guests to take a closer look at some of the cultures and traditions of the Bedouins.

Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours that offer Bedouin desert safari tours can arrange a trip that takes visitors to the UAE’s capital city of Abu Dhabi. Visitors can enjoy camel and hummer safaris as well as quad biking in the dunes. A four-wheel-drive allows the participants to experience the sand dunes and see the desert from the ground. UAE tours can also include desert safari holidays in the Sharjah National Park.

Camel Riding

desert safari holidays in the UAE are not complete without a ride on a camel. Camels make for an unforgettable experience in the desert because they provide the participant with the feeling of being transported through time. Visitors can choose from trips that take participants through the ancient desert in search of camels to mate with, or camels to ride. They can even get a ride on a giant camel and enjoy desert safari activities like bashing. Bashing is an activity where participants use their camel’s power against the wind to beat it against the camels’ hooves on the sand.

camel riding dubai

camel riding Dubai

The second most popular activity is the camel safaris. This is a great way to enjoy the luxury of the desert while seeing some of the wild animals in their natural habitat. To arrange a camel safari in Dubai, you will have to book in advance. You will find that the companies that arrange these tours have well-trained camel drivers

Desert Safari Holidays

Desert safari holidays in Dubai also include visits to the Al Hajar Mountains and the Naif Al Hajar Water Theme Park. This water theme park is located in the Al Hajar Mountains outside Dubai. This water park includes various attractions like slides, rides and waterslides. Al Hajar Mountains is one of the most popular attractions in Dubai because of its impressive landscape and spectacular scenery. Visitors can enjoy camel riding in the Al Hajar Mountain with the support of trained riders from the theme park.

These are just some of the activities included in a VIP desert safari in Dubai. There are many other activities that tourists can enjoy during their Dubai trip. A Dubai tour will also include shopping trips to local markets, where visitors can buy traditional handicrafts in Dubai. A shopping trip to local markets is an exceptional way to purchase souvenirs to take back home as gifts. Souvenirs can also be purchased in the state-of-the-art shopping malls and boutiques located in Dubai.

Evening Desert Safari

Another VIP desert safari in Dubai includes an afternoon and evening trip to a private ranch in the north of Dubai. The experience starts with breakfast, where you will be served some exotic fruits and an open bar. Afterwards, enjoy a ride on a hot air balloon and then have dinner, followed by an exciting sunset safari in the desert. This VIP desert safari also includes an opportunity to watch the sunset over the majestic desert.

Evening Desert safari

Evening Desert safari

Other Activities

If you prefer to do more of the activities on your own, there are many interesting activities in the desert such as cycling, hiking, horseback riding, diving and swimming. You can organize your own excursions or take part in guided tours. Hiking is the best adventure sport to do in Dubai and you will get to experience desert wildlife and landscapes. You can go to the desert to do a camping or caravan camping and enjoy the hospitality of the residents.

Overnight Desert Safari Dubai

Your luxurious tour of Dubai includes an overnight desert Dubai tour that allows you to experience the sun, the sand and the silence. The overnight tour begins at the Sharjah Tourist Village, where you are welcomed by a delicious Arabic lunch. Then, continue to Sun City, where you can participate in a range of activities including sandboarding, mountain biking, water rafting, shopping, and sightseeing. The Sharjah Tourist Village is a great place for a lunch break as you enjoy a comfortable and safe environment. You can also enjoy the shopping opportunities in Sun City during your Dubai vacation.

Overnight Desert Safari

Overnight Desert Safari

After a day of sandboarding, take a leisurely ride over the rocky dune bordered by sandstone palms to the west. At this point, the Al Hajar Mountains can be seen clearly as you drive the pace out of the valley. After descending the gentle grade, you will reach the lowest point on Earth. This natural landmark is known as the White World. This extraordinary view from the desert provides the ideal backdrop for any Dubai tour. The Al Hajar Mountains is the perfect location for any Dubai tours, with the sun setting over the horizon at every second, you will never be able to miss this incredible sunset.

Adventure Tour to The Desert

Enjoy the ride on traditional horseback in the cool deserts of Dubai and feel the adventure of a lifetime. Dune brawls, going up and down the sheer high-dunes, spectacular views, thrills, all contribute to that unique one-of-a-kind adventure of Dubai desert safari tour. You can also enjoy a buffet dinner in Desert Dubai or a camel safari. Other exciting adventures include driving an Arabian horse, sailing on a kite and taking part in Dubai’s first-ever water park.

Traditional attire for desert safari is abayas, long full-length dresses, nylons and headscarves. Women should wear full length, black clothing. Men may wear a kilt, a shirt with trousers and leather shoes. For a break from the rigours of the journey, you may like to put on a desert safari hat or a bandanna. Be sure to carry your camera.

Local Activities

The driver will take you around the desert, take you through different formations and then lead you to the buffet dinner. When visiting Dubai, one must try the local foods and experience the fun and excitement of traditional dancing.

The most popular activities to do in the Desert are Henna painting in the desert and buffet dinner in the desert. Both activities are available throughout the year. Henna painting is done only during the hot months of the year and is best undertaken in spring. However, desert safari buffets are available at all times of the year.

Belly Dance

The other exciting activity that you can do in the desert for Dubai is belly dancing. Women here wear traditional attire and perform traditional dances.

Belly Dance

Belly Dance

This is a great way to enjoy the exotic beauty of the desert. In order to dance in this context, you will need a mat and the appropriate costume. It is important that you wear comfortable clothes like desert conditions are quite cold.

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