VIP Travel Guide of Desert Safari – Activity to do in Dubai at Morning

VIP morning desert safari

VIP Travel Guide of Desert Safari – Activity to do in Dubai at Morning

VIP Travel Guide of Morning Desert Safari Dubai

A VIP Morning desert safari is the best way to experience the magic of the Ganges’ grace. Riding in an all-weather all-terrain vehicle through the sand dunes of the Middle East is a unique way to explore this area. You can enjoy a camel ride to the nearest town. The journey covers a total of 22 kilometres. At the end of the trip. you can embark upon a fascinating desert safari ride back towards the town of Dubai.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Enjoy a peaceful ride out in the early VIP morning sun on a desert safari in Dubai. During these hours of the VIP morning, head out into the desert and take a short ride across the pristine Arabian Desert. You will hear a small pin drop as the sound of the sand dunes spread over the horizon. Soon enough, you will reach the beginning of the dunes.

Starting off with a well-deserved dip in the refreshing Dubai Creek, you will soon emerge into the magnificent desert. Riding along the dunes allows for breathtaking views of the Arabian Desert. A pleasant experience starts with a hot cup of tea before proceeding to a desert safari in Dubai. You can take a camel ride during the VIP morning desert safari trip or opt to travel by all-terrain vehicles.

Riding along the sand dunes during the early VIP morning desert safari in Dubai offers a unique and unforgettable travel experience. Take advantage of a camel tour or drive the all-terrain vehicles on your own. The only restriction to travelling in the early VIP Morning Desert Safari is the lack of light.

There are many sites to visit during the Desert Safari Trip

Al Hajar Mountains

The Al Hajar Mountains proves to be the perfect place for an Al Hajar Mountain camel ride. The ride takes approximately two hours and provides you with a chance to view the amazing scenery of the Al Hajar Mountains. This is one of the most popular attractions on Dubai’s east coast. If you want to go even closer to nature, you can try the dune bashing adventure and enjoy the sun, sandboarding, and camel ride all in one go.

The Al Hajar Mountains also offers a unique desert experience that tourists can only get from a camel ride on the sand. The trip starts off with a lecture on the weather and sand formation that takes place at the Al-Gabel site. This teaches you the art of orienting yourself on the sand so that you can survive the hot midday sun, and you’ll find that the experience is almost indescribable once you’re actually there.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

A great day out for families, the Sunrise desert safari offers an exciting way to explore and enjoy the beautiful UAE. With an experienced, professional guide at your side, the Sunrise desert safaris in Dubai will offer you a chance to see some of the most spectacular scenery ever created.

Sunrise Desert Safari

Sunrise Desert Safari

The Dubai surroundings are a feast for the eyes, with dramatic sand dunes, and the largest man-made forest in the Middle East lying beyond in the north. For those who love nature and wildlife, Dubai is a place with which to share a true adventure. And for those who love travelling and the finer things in life, the Dubai desert safaris offer the ultimate opportunity to take part in something truly spectacular.

For a truly memorable experience

For a truly memorable experience, why not combine your Dubai visit with a one-hour camel ride through the pristine desert? When you book a camel tour, you will be transported and lead through the-another Desert by one of the most experienced camel drivers in Dubai, leading you through a journey through one of the most photogenic areas in Dubai.

This is one of the best ways to really discover the charms of Dubai and to see the sights without actually having to spend a single day there. In total, there are five guided tours available to choose from. The tour guides take you on daily visits to four locations: Deira, Satwa, Al Hajar Mountains and Karama.

Another of the famous Dubai tours is the Sunrise Desert Bashing Tour, which takes participants on a two-day drive through the dunes of Dubai. This tour starts at dawn and makes its way through the amazing landscape of the UAE.

Abu Dhabi Safaris

One of the most exciting deserts that Dubai visitors will want to see is the Abu Dhabi Safaris, which is ideal for the family or for an adventurous group of people. This four-day tour starts at the Al Hajar Mountains, where you will drive a Jeep to the Satwa Mountains. There, on your journey to the desert, you will take a scenic ride into the desert where you will see the sun setting over the sands. At the end of the day, you will return to the comfortable tents of the Dubai safari tour.

Business Tour in Dubai

A business tour in Dubai may not offer you the chance to enjoy the best of what nature has to offer, but there are still some interesting locations that you can visit during your trip.

The Al Boom Mountain is another favourite among visitors

it is a popular spot for sunbathing and photographers will find it here as well. Once you have made it to the summit, there are panoramic views of the city as well as the outside view of the mountains.

Another site that is popular with tourists is the Al Boom Wildlife Sanctuary

Here, you will be able to watch the different animals in their natural habitat, including crocodiles and wild dogs. If you choose, a Sunrise desert safari in Dubai may be just what you need to relax and unwind from your busy work schedule.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

If you are planning a safari trip to the Middle East, one of the places you must not forget is Dubai. The emirate has everything for adventure-seekers and tourists-this includes an amazing array of tourist attractions like the famous Beach Road, which is a popular attraction amongst the adventure enthusiasts. But if you are looking for an adventure in the VIP early morning desert, in the cool desert air, head to the famous Bedouin Valley for a VIP early morning desert safari with a quad bike.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

If you decide to go on a desert safari in Dubai, you will have an exciting time exploring all the different trails there.

Several Tours Companies

You can get to know the desert culture of the region through local excursions. There are several tour companies that offer exciting Dubai tours that include biking in the desert.

Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel riding is one of the most ancient forms of transportation. It has played an important role in the economy of many nations and is still practised by many civilizations throughout the world today. Camel riding in Dubai is a very popular sport enjoyed by many people who have come here on vacation. That is the ultimate experience as riders here can travel on camels on some of the best natural parks and mountain trails in the world.

Camel riding is loved by locals and tourists alike. It is the most popular activity in the country and there are various camel riding tours and travel companies offering camel rides and desert safaris through Dubai. Camels are revered by locals in UAE culture and were once the main mode of transportation back in the days. Therefore, the best way to engage in this ancient tradition is by taking a camel ride on Dubai’s beautiful desert trails.

Camel ride in Dubai is very popular with the Bedouins who own camels and it has become a source of revenue for them. A typical Bedouin village is made up of twenty or more Bedouins who live in houses made from wood, clay or metal. These people travel to the desert on horseback or on sand bikes. Camel ride is one of the activities that the community engages in during their yearly holiday. Camel tour companies in Dubai specialise in booking Bedouin villages for their clients who visit the area on camel riding tours.


For a truly traditional experience

you should try out a Bedouin village which is located at the foothills of the Al-Gabel oil palm tree on the opposite side of the Gulf of Oman on the coast of the Red Sea. Al Gabel is known as the “Land of the Camel“, as the Bedouins use camels to move between the sandy dunes of the desert and the towns of Dubai and Sharjah.

Al Gabel is home to a number of traditional Bedouin villages that are still in excellent condition, with some even dating back hundreds of years. You can take a camel riding trip to these villages, where you will feast your eyes on the traditional Bedouin tents and find out about the life of the Bedouin tribe.

Bedouin village

An easier way to experience the Desert Safari is to engage in a Bedouin village guided tour. Bedouin tour guides will offer you the best of Bedouin culture in their natural environment. They will lead you through the dune brawls which occur at regular intervals and give the tourist a unique chance to observe the wild animals like the spotted deer, ostriches, gazelles, reindeer and many other animal species.

While on this safari, you will be provided with bedding materials, food and water to take on the journey. The guide will also provide you with information about local customs and beliefs so that you do not get lost in the unfamiliar desert. The Bedouin tour operator may also provide you with information on various Bedouin activities, including Bedouin medicine.

Enjoy Sports in Dubai

Dubai is a great tourist spot and many loves to spend their holidays here, especially those who are looking forward to enjoying the numerous sports activities available here. A perfect holiday place, Dubai has been attracting visitors for many years and you will find many people thronging at its beaches during the hot season.

This is especially true in the winter when the weather is quite cold and one can enjoy long walks along the sandy beach or take part in the various water sports activities. The climate of Dubai is quite moderate all round the year and one can enjoy almost all the sporting activities during the summer months as well.


Sandboarding is one of the most popular sports that people love to participate in and spend their holidays in Dubai. If you are new to this sport, then you can simply join any of the Dubai tour operators and enjoy surfing lessons.



This is one of the most challenging sports which you can participate in and the professionals would ensure that you learn the art of surfing from an expert. Apart from surf training. you can also enjoy the other aspects of this sport like controlling the direction of the board on the sand dunes. The best time to enjoy this sport is from October to March.

Dunes Bashing

Another exciting sport that you can enjoy in Dubai is sand dunes bashing. There are a number of places in Dubai where you can spend your holidays and these include the deserts, oases and sand dunes. Here, you will not only be able to enjoy the desert environment but will also be able to enjoy the other aspects of this sport like controlling the speed with which you move on the dunes.

Dune Bashing

Dune Bashing

Other Activities

You can also spend your holiday enjoying indoor activities in Dubai. These include playing golf in the world-renowned Al Maktoum golf course. The indoor activities offered by the Dubai tourism company include water shooting, bowling, billiards and table tennis among others. You can also try out a demo of the sand dunes board on the World Web. This allows you to check out how the game is played and you get an opportunity to try out the equipment in person.

Extreme sports in Dubai

Extreme sports in Dubai include bungee jumping, hot air balloons and sky diving. The latter two sports are not very popular among tourists because they do not allow for mass viewing. However, if you have your camera ready, they are worth a look. You can also enjoy some paintball games in the playgrounds and practice areas set up in Dubai. These games bring a unique experience to the player as they use real ammunition and live ammunition. Apart from these, there are a number of indoor shooting ranges in Dubai that you can enjoy as well.

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