President Trump Claim For Chloroquine? Find The Real facts

President Trump Claim For Chloroquine? Find The Real facts

President Trump Claim For Chloroquine? Find The Real facts

Is Donald Trump Approved Chloroquine Drug For Coronavirus Treatment?

A few days ago the United States of America’s President Donald Trump had the claim that a drug named chloroquine can actually help in the treatment of Coronavirus.

He said that this drug was proved effective against malaria and so far there are chances that it would be potential against Coronavirus.

Since the announcement different researches came into being and eventually it was proved that the claim is not true. Chloroquine cannot treat Coronavirus patients in most critical situations.

As soon as he made this claim a number of people overdosed themselves with chloroquine and one eventually died of it. The man who died after taking the overdose of chloroquine was from Arizona and he ends up killing himself after hearing Donald Trump’s claim.


Meanwhile, in New York city the New York Medicine authority has ordered around 70000 doses of chloroquine. Different researches are going on there and the New York medical authorities say that they would put some animals on trial to see if chloroquine can be given with the combination of some other medicine.


The symptoms and nature of coronavirus

Coronavirus is a highly infectious disease that has infected lots of people in the world. As far as the symptoms of this virus are concerned then they are fever, tightening of breath, flu, and cough.

In most extreme cases the virus goes into the lungs and causes difficulty in breathing. People are dying because this virus is very contagious. The virus spread beyond the world because it is infectious. This disease has the potential of spreading from person to person and that is the reason why it is so dangerous

Is there any medicine for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus started unexpectedly in China. China reported its first case of Coronavirus back in December 2019. Back in time, no one took this virus seriously because no one was aware of the severity of it. It is was some doctor of China who told people that this virus could be infectious. In January the situation in China went out of hand when almost every other person was infected with Coronavirus.

China still has the most cases of coronavirus in the world. This virus started in China and then it went to Italy. From Italy, it traveled all around the world. In March the World Health Organization announced that coronavirus is now a pandemic and the only remedy that is available for its nongrowth is social distancing.

In China, there are now more than 55000 cases of coronavirus and Italy and New York are taking the lead after that.

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Is there any vaccination for Coronavirus?

Coronavirus is getting out of hand because so far there is no vaccination for this virus. It is true that many scientists in different countries are busy experimenting with the different vaccinations that can beat this virus but so far none has an effective potential.

What care you should take to protect yourself from coronavirus?

image source: world health organization 

Coronavirus is a very dangerous virus and so far there is no vaccination of it. As there is no vaccination so this thing has made this virus much more dangerous.

We can only take a few precautionary measures to save ourselves from this virus.

Here are the precautionary measures :

  • Do not go out if you don’t have to. We all know that this virus is very contagious. If a person who has this virus touches a healthy person then this virus is transferred from the infected person to a healthy person. For this reason, social distancing is the key.
  • Don’t shake hands with people. This virus has the ability to transfer itself from the hands of a person. Do not shake hands because you never know who is having this virus on their body.
  • Do not try to touch your nose or mouth because this virus can go into your respiratory system.
  • If you feel like coughing and sneezing then make sure that you cough and sneeze in your elbow. Do not cough straight in the face of other people because this way the droplets can affect the other person.
  • Whenever you want to hold the door make sure that you are holding it or opening it with your elbow.
  • Practice social distancing as much as you can. Social distancing is the only key and that is going to save you from this virus.

Because of the severity of coronavirus, many countries have ordered a lockdown. Many big countries and small countries are practicing full lockdown because so this virus can die. Make sure that you practice social distancing as much as you can because so far there is no vaccination for viruses.

If this virus is going to get you then chances are that you are not going to survive it if you have a weak immune system. Take care of yourself and others by social distancing because that is the only key and that is a thing that you need to practice.


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