Incredible Desert Safari Tours At Morning Hours by Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours (2020)

Morning desert safari

Incredible Desert Safari Tours At Morning Hours by Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours (2020)

Incredible Desert Safari Tours At Morning Hours by Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours (2020)

Travellers and nature lovers love to discover the vastness of the desert in Arabia. If you are in the country, you should plan a Morning Desert Safari Dubai. Well, you can’t afford to miss out on the enriched wilderness experience, where the unexplored charm of nature continues to fascinate travellers. Tour operators have offered various custom Arabian desert tours and you will love the desert safari loaded with funds and activities.

Ultimately, it can become a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Watch the sand dunes across the horizons, the desert vegetation basking in the sun. You will love the bumpy ride through the rolling stretches of sand. Photo sessions, the descent into the dunes and many other activities are reserved for travellers. If you are ready for a morning desert safari Dubai, contact one of the tour operators to explore the natural charm of Arabia.


  • Pick up from your hotel at the given time.
  • Drive through the dunes in an SUV for 30 minutes
  • Breakfast served in the car
  • Sand skiing and sandboarding
  • Camel rides (optional)
  • Quad (optional)
  • Drop off at the hotel

Have a look at the activities you would love to indulge in.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

A typical desert safari in the morning begins with the designated driver who will pick you up in a 4×4 from your location at a specified time in the morning. They then drive you past the city into the completely different surroundings of the Arabian desert.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Usually, the camp is located in the Red Lahbab desert or in the Dubai Conservation Reserve. The morning desert safari begins with a dune clearing session. Your vehicle’s expert driver takes you on a fun roller coaster ride along the sand dunes.


This is followed by other fun activities in the beautiful desert camp. Sandboarding is great fun as it allows you to slide over mounds of sand with the help of aboard. You can drive a buggy under the direction of your guide. One of the most fascinating morning activities is the hot air balloon ride.

This hike is piloted by expert specialists to offer you an unforgettable experience! At 4000 feet above the desert floor, the scenery of the incredible desert is absolutely mesmerizing. The camel ride is, of course, a favourite of children and adults. Observing rare plants and animals is also a highlight of this desert safari. Seeing galloping gazelles and Arabian oryx in their natural habitat is a real experience on a wildlife safari.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

 There’s nothing more romantic than sunrise desert safari in the UAE. Our guide told you that it is a very romantic experience, even though it is only early morning.

Dubai’s early morning climate makes dune bashing an ideal activity for fitness-geared tourists. But it seems that Dubai also has something up its sleeve – a unique and high-quality sunrise desert safari. And what a surprise, that is, with such spectacular scenery!

A quick visit to the Dubai Marina indicated that the popular day and time for the sandboarding event was still early in the morning, with temperatures only reaching a few degrees lower than those experienced by the locals.

So, we decided to forgo the morning time and camp at our campsite in the cool of the afternoon. But when we arrived back in Dubai, the sun had already begun to rise. This was not uncommon, as the desert is well settled by the time we got back from the desert.

Sunrise view

Sunrise view

The Sunrise desert safari Dubai tour was arranged in four distinct phases, each consisting of four and a half days of driving and sand boarding over the terrain. In the first day, we stopped at a location known as Bur Dhabi which housed a tribe of tribespeople who lived in the area. Abu Dhabi, we travelled into the Wadi Dhar Mountains where we visited the ancient town of Satwa.

There we drove for three miles to the village of Al-Gabel, which was famous for its clock tower and the “blue dome”. From Al-Gabel we drove another three miles to the Al-Sultan Bin Hamid City, which was built in the Early Middle Ages. We camped for two nights and then continued our journey by camelback or on foot, depending on weather conditions.

On our fourth day, we took a four-day trek into the desert, travelling by sand boarding and camel riding through the area. By the end of the day, we reached the town of Al-Gabel. This was a beautiful site, made completely out of sandstone, with large stone houses built in the middle of the desert, and many guest cottages dotted around the area.

From Al-Gabel we travelled by Camel and camels to the Al-Wasi checkpoint, which is where the Sunrise desert safari ends. From here the Sunrise desert safari riders can visit the Sharm El Sheikh Temple, and the Na’ama Bay Safari.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai with Quad Bike

The morning after our breakfast, we began our desert safari, travelling by Jeep and quad bikes over the open landscape. It was here that I saw for the first time the huge sandstone formation called the Sunrise Mountain. It was quite impressive, with its colours radiating out in all directions from its peaks, and was actually a very good reason to continue on with our sunrise safari. We arrived back at the camp and set off for another spectacular day of driving, and views. We ended up passing several more remote camping areas as we drove, and we made a grand return to the camp, having spent the morning enjoying the desert and setting off for another exciting day of quad biking.

morning desert safari dubai with quad bike

morning desert safari dubai with quad bike

Early Morning Desert Safari

But we all know that the desert can be very hot in the day time. That’s when you should head to the Dubai city for some refreshing desert air. A little bit of early morning sunshine would make you feel much better, and you could then continue on with your tour in the evening. And what a rush it could be! You could try the driving challenge which requires you to drive on a through the desert for a certain amount of days.

If you are not quite sure you can handle the heat, there is another way of enjoying the desert heat on your early morning desert safari. It’s called the Dry Journeying Project. This is done by hiring an Arab Sheik to act as your guide and paces you through the desert. As an incentive, he’ll give you special desert t-shirts which have a desert theme on the front. Who knows, you might even get to ride on his back!

If the thought of desert driving scares you, then you might want to head out to a hotel in the area. One such hotel is the Al Hamadah International Guest House, which happens to be one of the finest places in Dubai to escape the heat of the desert. With a swimming pool, Jacuzzi, conference facilities and more, you can start your day off right. The hotel also has a spa, where you can treat yourself with morning or evening massage.


Once you are done with the hotels, you can decide on the best time to take your desert tour. The spring, summer or autumn are the best time to do this. The temperatures during these times are still cool enough to help you enjoy your tour. If you are feeling brave, you can go for the night safari, which usually starts in mid-morning and finishes in the evening. But make sure to take a lot of food with you to avoid getting dehydrated.

Once you have all the preparations taken care of, the best thing to do is hit the road and hit the desert. Take a tour from your hotel to the starting point and take a rest at one of the spots you visited. This will give you the perfect Desert Ambiance for your morning tour. But if you decide to visit more than one spot, then plan your itinerary well so that you can see all the amazing sites you wanted to.

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When you are done with this, it is time to hit the road again. Plan your route on a map so that you won’t get lost on your way to your Morning Desert Safari Dubai. In fact, there are many websites available online that offer helpful tips and instructions. You can read them as well as the guide will describe the best routes for your journey. So start planning your tour today and get ready for a great start to the day.

Desert safaris can be very interesting and educational. If you are a bit adventurous, try an adventure tour to the Grand Canyon or the Maya River Canyon. The latter is a bit easier to handle and offers less aggressive locations. However, both are very fun to do so let your imagination run wild and enjoy the ride!

Camel Riding

Camel riding in the morning desert is one of the most popular activities to do during a vacation in Dubai. There are many companies that organize Camel riding in Dubai events and trips. Camel riding in the morning desert safari with your family and friends can be a great adventure. If you want to enjoy Camel riding Dubai in the morning desert safari with your family and friends, you have to make sure that you do your planning well in advance. Planning in advance will help you enjoy all the activities and events organized for your Camel riding in Dubai.

The best time to go on a camel Riding in the morning is between noon and 2 PM. This is the best time because you can get to see a lot of wild animals and birds when they are coming out of their day-time slumber. You will also be able to see desert plants during this time. The temperature is moderate at this time of the day so you can enjoy a comfortable riding experience.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding

The best time to take a camel ride in Dubai is in spring when the temperatures are a bit higher than normal.  The best places to apart from morning desert safari in Dubai include Jumeirah. These places are the most popular with tourists. You will be able to find many beautiful hotels, restaurants, and camps that provide facilities for riding.

Other Activities

In addition, there are some other activities that you can do while you are on your camel ride in the morning desert. You can camp in the desert overnight if you prefer. But if you are planning to ride in the morning, it is better to camp in an area where there is plenty of sunlight.

If you are an experienced rider, you may want to start off the day riding with one of the younger children in your party. It is important to keep the children safe and comfortable on your camel. In order to test this theory, you can take them on a short ride in the desert as part of the morning tour.

However, it is important to keep in mind that the hotter months are not the best time to take a safari in the morning. This is because heat can easily cause sickness and even lead to death. So, it is important to start your tour in the early morning hours. This way, you and your child will have more fun.

Note for Children in Morning Desert

When you do decide to take your children on an early morning camel ride in the desert, make sure you take them with an experienced camel driver. Most children will not be experienced when riding on camels.

Instead, it will be safer if you have an experienced adult to accompany your child on the ride. This will ensure that your child will be properly handled and will not get stepped on or lost.

The morning Desert Safari is the best time to explore the surroundings of the desert. This is because you will see a lot more of the features of the area such as birdlife and sand dunes. This is also the perfect time to enjoy the landscape and take some photoshoots. If you are planning a desert safari in Dubai, the morning ride is a must-do.

The only problem that you will encounter on your morning tour in Dubai is the weather. The ride will be overcast and hot most of the day. In the afternoon, the temperature will warm up to about 50 degrees Fahrenheit but then it will drop below that point and remain hot all day. You may want to bring an umbrella to protect you from the sun.

Day Time

If you are planning to do the daytime ride, you will need to prepare yourself for the heat that will be in the air. A good idea is to pack some extra clothes that you can change into while on the ride. It can also help to bring some extra water. If you do not like to drink the water that is provided. Then there are other sources close by. There are many hotels in Dubai that offer water that you can drink. Before you reach your hotel, ask if you can use their water during your desert safari.

The only time that you will get to see the sunrise is during the morning desert safari. You can try to look for the animals that you will be able to watch as you ride through the desert. You will also be able to see desert foxes, jackals, and other rodents that you will be able to feed.



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