Hatta Mountain Safari Tour – Explore the Experience with Dubai Sight Seeing Tours

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour – Explore the Experience with Dubai Sight Seeing Tours

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour – Explore the Experience with Dubai Sight Seeing Tours

Hatta Mountain Safari Tour with Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours

Today we are going to talk about the package that is brilliant in nature. Most of the time when we want to travel to Dubai then we know that we can only go for one thing.

For instance! If we are in Dubai and we are looking for the tours then there is a possibility that there is only be a single tour. Sometimes it can be a tour to Burj Khalifa or sometimes it can Abu Dhabi City tour.

There is hardly any tour that can provide us with two things at the same time and Hatta Desert Safari happens to be that very tour.

If you want to explore the mountains and the desert in one single package then Hatta Desert Safari packages are definitely for you. This package is so great that you will feel as if you have come to a magical tour. This tour sure to leave you spellbound and there is no reason why you shouldn’t take this package if you are Dubai and you are looking for one great tour

We are Dubai sightseeing tours and now we are going to tell you how you are going to enjoy the Hatta Desert Safari package. This way you will have all the necessary things in mind and you will be able to enjoy the package in your best capacity.

What happens in the Hatta Desert Safari package?

let suppose that you have taken this package and now you want to know what is going to happen. We are here to tell you that the good things are going to happen to you when you will go for this tour.

  • First, there is going to be a pickup. We make sure that we always pick up our customers so they don’t have to worry about the pick stuff. We have two packages with us and they are called a premium package or a standard package.
  • Suppose that you have taken a premium package. This package means that our drivers will provide you with a pick up from your hotel. In case you go with the standard package then you will have to come to the location. We will definitely tell you about the location so we can pick you up from there.
  • Once the customers are with us then we will go to the Hatta mountains. If you are in UAE then there is no chance that you do not know where the Hatta mountains are. This mountain range is definitely to die for. It is so pretty that there are chances that you are going to fall in love with the mountains.
  • There are beautiful wadis around these mountains and you will have a chance to trek the wadis and the mountain once you are on a tour. It is totally up to you if you do not want to trek the mountains. You can see the beauty of the mountains from the vehicle. At the end of the day, it is up to the customer what he wants to do with the mountains or the wadis.
  • It is imperative for our valued customers to remember that there is going to be many spots where you can take the pictures with your friends and family. For instance! if you like a spot in the mountain where you would think that the picture is going to be killing then you can definitely stop there to take a picture.
  • After making sure that we have spent a great deal in the desert, we will go out to eat. There is a hotel and we will make sure that we will have lunch there. You would have a chance to enjoy Arabian delights in your best capacity because this hotel is just the best.
  • Hatta Desert Safari is a killer combo package and once we are done with lunch then we will make sure that we take you to the desert. In the desert, you will have all the time in the world to feel at your best.
  • When we will arrive in the desert then we’ll leave it to our valued customers to decide what they are going to do. There are many fun activities in the desert including dune bashing and sandboarding and you will have a chance to enjoy these activities on a camel or on a Land Cruiser.
  • You can enjoy different activities in the desert with your friends and family and after you are certain that you have enjoyed a lot then we will take you to the campsite where the real deal begins.
  • At the campsite, there will be different fun activities awaiting you and you can have a taste of them. For instance! If you have women with you then they can paint their hands and if you have a man then they can go for a camel ride.
  • There is quite a possibility that you will enjoy bbq dinner at the end of the Desert Safari ride. The dinner section has to be included at the time of selecting the package so you can have the confirmation of it.
  • After you have all the fun activities in the desert that we will drop you off at your place. We make sure that we give all the accommodation and consideration for our valued customers. For this reason, we are always available.
  • For the drop off again we have two packages one is standard and the other is premium. If you will go with the standard package then we will drop you off at your location and if you would go with the premium package then we dropped you off your hotel.

How to Book Us?

It is very simple to book us. If you have made up your mind that you will be going for the Hatta desert Safari package then you can call us. In case you are looking for numbers, they are always available on our website. If you are not that free to call us then you can fill out a form that is on our website. Having this form with you means that you will be filling it up with your basic information.

Once we will receive this information then we will call you back to confirm the tour.

So what are you waiting for? If you want to see the mountains of Dubai as well as the desert then Hatta Desert Safari is the ultimate option. This package is wonderful in all the senses and it will give you a beautiful time when you will be in the UAE. Get in touch with us so we can confirm this package for you. We are here to make it all easy for yourself.

Is it too expensive for me if I would go for this package?

No Hatta desert safari Dubai is not an expensive package. It is under the budget and it is very good.

What kind of clothes should I wear if I want to explore the desert?

It is imperative that you wear comfortable clothes if you are going to explore the desert because it is a good idea. Make sure you have an extra pair of clothing with you.

Get in touch with the Dubai sightseeing tour and confirm the tour or WhatsApp: +971561356302




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