Evening Desert Safari Dubai, BBQ Dinner and Pick & Drop Service

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening Desert Safari Dubai, BBQ Dinner and Pick & Drop Service

Evening Desert Safari Dubai, BBQ Dinner and Pick & Drop Service

Dubai is mainly made up of sandy deserts and gravel-filled deserts in the southern region. Its sand is purely clean and is made up of crushed shell and coral. The Dubai desert in the surrounding sandy desert is an exciting and adventurous experience. It is very difficult to choose from a different variety of desert adventure deals. One of the most famous is the Evening Desert Safari.

This is an essential activity if you want to memorize something for life. If you are planning to visit Dubai, get a taste of fun and excitement by organizing an evening desert safari. From the afternoon you will first have to rest in the camp. Then have a chance to watch the sunset in the desert ocean, ride a camel and go sandboarding. Try a beautiful henna design on your hands and feet. Enjoy a party atmosphere with a delicious barbecue and shisha. See a belly dancer perform exact Arabic songs at camp.


For your convenience, Our Dubai Desert Evening Safari deals by Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours include various pickup and drop-off points in Dubai, Sharjah, and Ajman.


  • Pick up / drop off by 4×4 from your home or hotel (optional)
  • 4WD Red Dune
  • Arabic style seating arrangement
  • Quad (optional)
  • Sandboarding Dubai
  • VIP camel ride (known as the desert ship, optional)
  • Night photos with traditional Arab costumes
  • Photos with eagles (Falcon)
  • Unlimited soft drinks, water, tea and coffee
  • Starter/dinner dishes
  • Buffet dinner in the evening
  • BBQ dinner in the evening with vegetarian and non-vegetarian options
  • Henna design (known as Arabic tattoos)
  • Hubble Bublee Smokers (For Adults)
  • Belly dance show (2 best evening performances)
  • Tanoura dance show (best evening performance)
  • Stick Show (Best Night Performance)
  • Fire show (best performance at night)
  • Alcoholic beverages available at the camp – at an additional cost
  • Separate toilets for men and women.
  • Much more evening entertainment in the Arab desert of Dubai (Sharjah)

Evening Desert Safari Dubai an experience that cannot be missed

Of all the attractions of Dubai, one of the best is outside of the city Dubai Desert Safari is full of fun in the evening time, dancing and food. There are dozens of companies that offer this activity, but they are all quite similar. One of them is the Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours company that offers adventurous deals at reasonable prices. Here is a general idea of what to expect on your safari.

The trip begins from your pickup point in the Fortuner 4×4. This is no ordinary Fortuner 4×4 – we have upgraded our vehicles in the cost of tens of thousands of dollars. just for they can fly through the sand dunes at high speed. They’ll take you on a wild run through the dunes to your campsite … with a few jumps, slides, and maybe even a lap. We saw someone’s vehicle 4 × 4 on the side or with a broken wheel. it was dangerous. That’s why we upgraded our vehicle to ensure the safety of the tourist. we can’t compromise on the safety.


The Evening Desert Safari Dubai Tour begins with an afternoon pickup around 3:30 PM. at 4:00 pm. You have the option to choose the pickup location, which can be Dubai or Sharjah. This gives you plenty of time to explore local attractions at the beginning of the day.

Adventure on the Dunes Bashing

Once in the desert, you will be introduced to our professional drivers who will take you through the elevation gain. It’s an adrenaline-pumping ride and race through the red sand dunes like you’ve never experienced before.

To ensure your safety, we use custom-built vehicles with a roll bar and other safety equipment instead.

Camel Riding in Evening Desert Safari

Camel ride is mainly associated with the Middle East. That’s why the desert safari is the best thing that can happen during visiting Dubai. In fact, it is the must-do activity included in the list of travellers who come here.

Camel Riding

Camel Riding

When you arrived at the camp, most of the activities will be waiting for your next Adventure. Most of the camps have camel rides and quad bikes – both of which are exactly cheap through Dubai Sightseeing Tours. The quad bike tracks are so big, but there, you will have a lot of fun, sliding around on the sand. The camel riding is one of the eco-friendly activities, but I know there you will personally look at them as a horseback ride, using the local livestock. There will probably also be a falcon or two you can hold onto for a photo opportunity.


You might see snowboarding It is performed on the snowy slopes of the temperate and polar regions. Sandboarding becomes a famous sport in the desert sands. Instead of the snow, sandboarding as the name suggests, the sand. Though sandboarding is done on any loose sand, it is the best activity done in the desert. Deserts have the ideal territory for sandboarding with shifting statures and slants.

Sand Boarding

Sand Boarding

Tall and steep dunes are the best for the sandboarding. Stand on top of the dune and strap the board to your feet and slide down to the bottom. Carving on the sand is different than carving the snow. If you are an expert, you can do a few backflips in the air. We must say this would be your adventurous tour in the desert

The best places to sandboarding in the UAE

Lehbab Desert

A Dubai desert is famous for its tall red sand dunes. Most of the alcohol here is between 10 and 30 meters long. But some are around 100 meters tall. The Lahbab Desert is just a 40-minute drive from Dubai City in Dubai-Hatta.

Al Faya Desert

A Sharjah desert with red sand. You will find a group of tall sand dunes in the heart of this desert, where 4×4 cars, dune cars, and sand dunes flock. This area will be a bit crowded in winter. So getting a convenient place to slide on the sand is a bit difficult, to say the least.

Liwa Oasis

Located in Abu Dhabi, Liwa Oasis is famous for its exceptionally large Moreeb Sand Dunes. It is the largest sand dune in the world, 300 meters high and 1.6 km long. Although the sand dune is in the middle of the desert, there is a path that will take you to the bottom of the dune. But you want 4 × 4 for your support. While downhill skiing would be fun, it wouldn’t be walking to the top. One of the advantages of the Dune of Moreeb is that it is huge. You will always find a place to put your skills to use.

Al Badayer

The tallest sand dune in Badayer is called Big Red because of its ruby red colour, it is also tall. And this is the right place for adventure. This sand dune is easy for hobbyists to slide. Badayer is also close to Dubai. It only takes 45 minutes by car from Dubai to get there.

Many adventure seekers will come here on weekends and in colder climates, thanks to its proximity to the city.

Fossil stone

Scientific evidence indicates that the entire Arabian desert was once under the sea. Geologists call these waters Tethys. This is how we can explain the presence of marine fossils in the middle of the desert. Jebel Maliha, also known as the fossil rock, is located on the outskirts of Sharjah, near the archaeological centre of Maliha. Here you can find fossil remains of marine animals that existed millions of years ago. Another thing fossil is famous for is sandboarding and sand dunes.

Dune Buggy having Fun

For exclusive buggy deals at night, see Dune Buggy Safari Tour

Dancing Show

Dances are by far the best part of the night. I’m not sure if all Dubai desert safaris are the same so I’ll just describe the one I visited. The first dance was a belly dancer. It wasn’t as provocative as the ones I have seen in Morocco or elsewhere, but it was still impressive.

Dancing Show

Dancing Show

The second dance was my favourite. It’s called tenora dance and a dancer spins for 10 minutes straight as they change their costumes, open umbrellas, twirl their skirts, and many other movements, each of which blew me away. The final dance was a fiery dancer and while I’ve seen better ones on the beaches of Thailand, that doesn’t mean it wasn’t great either.

Photography Session

Then our expert drivers will take you to the top of a large sandbar so you can see the fascinating vastness of the desert. To commemorate your desert safari, catch the glorious sun as it sets behind the sand dunes.


Buffet Dinner

Once you get inside the camp walls, they probably already have the buffet set up, although this class is all about snacks – savoury pies, sweet potato fries, etc. The entire course is usually between the second and third dance.

Buffet Dinner

Buffet Dinner

What is served for dinner varies by camp, as does the quality. You can probably expect some meat dishes, pasta dishes, various types of salads, bread, etc. Drinks are generally not included. Depending on the day of your visit, you may be able to purchase alcoholic beverages (not served on holidays).


At the end of the exciting and adventurous part of the Evening Desert Safari, you can relax at the campsite with your friends and family. There is an unlimited selection of soft drinks like water, coffee, tea and soft drinks.


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