Enjoy the pleasure of Abu Dhabi – Things to do in VIP Abu Dhabi City Tour

VIP Abu Dhabi City's Attractions

Enjoy the pleasure of Abu Dhabi – Things to do in VIP Abu Dhabi City Tour

Enjoy the pleasure of Abu Dhabi – Things to do in VIP Abu Dhabi City Tour

Abu Dhabi’s cosmopolitan lifestyle is reflected in its culture. There are numerous things to do in and around the city and most popular among them is the shopping spree. This exploring VIP Abu Dhabi city Tour has one of the largest malls in the world where you will find hundreds of stores and a variety of goods. It is considered to be the largest indoor shopping centre of the world and an excellent place to shop before heading out for the nightlife.

One of the things that you must not miss during your VIP Abu Dhabi city Tour is the ride on the humongous Ferris wheel called the Ring King. It is a roller coaster that travels around the city and is one of the top attractions of the city. You should also try out the various water parks which add to the fun and excitement of the trip to the city. These water parks are one of the major attractions of the city and the natural surroundings like the beach and the river makes them an ideal place to relax and enjoy.

Abu Dhabi City Tour

One of the most important things you will want to take advantage of while on a VIP Abu Dhabi city Tour is the departure time and destinations of the flights you are taking. departure time is important as you do not want to be away from your hotel before your departure time. The different airlines that fly to and from the city have different departure times set down for their flights. Some even have last minute deals that can get you into the city for less than the regular flight price. To make sure you get the cheapest flight possible to your final destination, check on the departure time before you book your trip.

Abu Dhabi City

If you do not care too much about the place where you are going, but would rather be somewhere picturesque for a few days, then you can consider booking tickets for the safari to the Abu Dhabi Heritage Village. Here you can get to see a collection of exotic animals such as lions, elephants and zebras. Other than the animals, this safari also includes a boat ride to observe the natural environment of the area. It also gives you an opportunity to sit on a camel and take a relaxing ride. If your main purpose of visiting the Abu Dhabi city is to take part in the city’s exciting nightlife, then the Downtown Complex will be a fun place to spend your nights.

Sight-Seeing Tour

Tourist Guide took you on a fascinating sightseeing tour around the city and along with this. You will have the opportunity to visit some places associated with the famous leaders of the country. You will visit the National Museum of UAE, which houses some spectacular collections of artefacts and records.

The next stop after Abu Dhabi will be Dubai, the most modern and the most developed city of the UAE. It is an international holiday destination because the population consists of people from all over the world. One of the famous attractions of the city is the Burj Al Arab hotel, which is a five-star hotel with unlimited access to the indoor pool, a shopping centre and a restaurant. The Burj Al Arab is located on Paradise Island. Located on the coast of the Persian Gulf. The hotel offers all the facilities you will require during your stay in the hotel and at the same time has an amazing view of the coast and the waterway.

Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque

The Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque situated in Abu Dhabi; the capital of the United Arab Emirates is a famous attraction among tourists. The largest mosque in the western country, it also happens to be the spiritual centre of Islam. At certain times, it can be reached by over 41,000 visitors during Eid. The mosque is a World Heritage Site and is a place where people of all ages gather to worship. It was built during the thirteenth century and has served as the source of pilgrimage ever since then.

It was built using the Qutab Al-Nadhim Radha, which is a seven-by-seven-meter structure. A visit to this heritage village is also included in one’s Abu Dhabi dates.

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Sheikh Zayed Mosque

Travellers can stop in at the Sheik Zayed Grand mosque and purchase tickets for the Abu Dhabi tours and travel to other places on the list of destinations.

Grand Mosque

One of the main attractions of a VIP Abu Dhabi city Tour is to visit the grand mosque and see the vast array of wares. During the tour, travellers are able to buy local arts and handicrafts, including carpets, ceramics, metalware, metal works and some of the most intricate and exquisite gold jewellery. There is also a museum that showcases different forms of art made by local artists. Passengers can purchase tickets for guided tours of the area before their arrival.

Dubai Marina

The Dubai Marina is one of the most popular places to spend your days on holidays to Abu Dhabi. The Marina has been constructed with cutting edge technology and incorporates many modern elements. Within the vicinity of the marina are the Al-Wasiha shopping district, the Dubai fountain and the Al-Zayed Hotel, all of which offer travellers a chance to enjoy the sights and sounds of Dubai’s exciting retail and dining districts.

National Museum of Modern Art

While on an Abu Dhabi city tour, you will also want to visit the National Museum of Modern Art. This museum was built to exhibit modern art forms from all over the world. The museum is one of the largest collections of contemporary art in the United Arab Emirates. It established in 2020. It houses hundreds of works by some of the leading artists of today.

Things to Enjoy During Your Abu Dhabi Tour

Abu Dhabi is a jewel in the sands of the Middle East. An embodiment of the ultimate in architectural masterpieces, the city is a jewel in the map of the World. Starting your day off with a giant cup of powerful Arabic coffee called Qahwah, then proceed for a fascinating Abu Dhabi skyline view tour. CORNICHE, a magnificent stretch of stunning 7 km. the curved street is the clean and spectacular beach-front has garnered Blue Flag symbol status.


Start your journey to the heart of the Earth with a fascinating camel race at Al-Wathba. Travelling by camel takes you through beautiful Liwa Desert towards the dawn. The world’s fastest camel race is held annually in October. The best things to do during this exciting journey are enjoying the desert air, lapping up the soft sands of the Liwa Desert, exploring the flora and fauna, witnessing the spectacular sunsets and sunrises from corniche top, and taking part in the traditional camel races.


YAS island

On your way to Abu Dhabi, don’t miss out on a visit to YAS with its unique take on Arabian tradition. The capital city of UAE is a jewel in the map of the world with all the necessary attractions to keep the tourists entertained and enthralled. Among the must-see sights are the Two Flags of Abu Dhabi, the Chrysler building and the waterfront Promenade. The best things to do in Abu Dhabi are sightseeing or taking part in various activities.


YAS Island

Yas Island

Things to do

If you are looking for a break, there are plenty of things to do on your trip to Abu Dhabi. Some of the must-see places include the Two Flags of Abu Dhabi which stand at the edge of the coast and the YAS Island. The Two Flags provides a perfect place to indulge in some fun water sports like surfing and snorkelling. The most striking element of the YAS Island is the fake sandy seashore that looks more like a small seashore contrasted with the genuine article.

Cultural Heritage of Abu Dhabi

The Cultural Heritage of Abu Dhabi includes beautiful architecture, traditional villages and a thriving trade that are representative of the original culture of UAE. This part of the city showcases a vibrant culture through the arts, crafts, music and cuisine. Here, you will find some of the best things to do like enjoying the cultural heritage and traditional foods of the region. There are several places where you can indulge in the food and culture such as the Palm Restaurant that serves traditional Arabic meals from freshly made ingredients to international cuisines.

National Heritage Site of Abu Dhabi

On your Abu Dhabi city tour, you will have the chance to visit the National Heritage Site of Abu Dhabi, which is a World Heritage Site because of its formation of the artificial, which is one of the largest manmade islands in the world. The museum and the national gardens have some of the finest collections of flora and fauna. At the Saadiyat Island, you will also find some of the ancient buildings that belong to the Persian period. After visiting the heritage site of Abu Dhabi, you will come across several other interesting sites and attractions.


National Heritage Site of Abu Dhabi

National Heritage Site of Abu Dhabi

The traditional culture of Abu Dhabi

One of the best places to experience the traditional culture of Abu Dhabi is Yas Island which is located on the northern tip of the Arabian Desert. The island is also home to the Ferrari World Resort and the Abu Dhabi Grand Prix.

Enjoy Your Stay in the Hotels in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The ideal time for visiting these cities is mid- Ramadan and end of December. A typical Abu Dhabi city tour will start from the Sheikh Zayed mosque. You will then travel to the Gold Souk, which is a man-made shopping and trading centre. There you will find all types of goods at extremely low prices. You will also find traditional Abu Dhabi jewellery and accessories.

The beautiful beaches and the hotels have made it the most attractive tourist destination in the world. The city has easy access from Dubai and the international airport is located at Sharjah. The city is very modern and has all the facilities you will need during your stay there including hotels, restaurants, shops, bars and entertainment venues.

This tour will be planned by the Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours Company. This company will fill your heart with adventurous and life satisfying memories. You will definitely look forward to your next visit to Dubai Sight-Seeing Tours. Contact us for more details:  +971 56 135 6302


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