Dubai – Sunrise and Sunset Safari Tours

Exclusive Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Tour Package

Dubai – Sunrise and Sunset Safari Tours

Exclusive Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai Tour Package

A sunrise desert safari Dubai lasts for only 4-5 hours long. Although you might be on a very tight budget and are often on an extremely busy schedule, you could still plan a little early to visit the numerous offerings of nature at the Dubai desert. Whether you’re on your own or are part of a big group, there is accommodation available in the sunrise desert safari in Dubai. You may also be able to get a nice villa rental to make your journey as luxurious as possible.

The Dubai sunrise desert is one of the most beautiful destinations in the Middle East. Located in the center of the city, the sun rises high and stays out all day. This has led to the development of several hotels and resorts that overlook the desert at their own leisure.

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Desert safaris are the best way to experience the true beauty of this desert. They give travelers the chance to explore an ancient desert that provides the perfect environment for animals and plants to thrive. If you choose to travel by yourself, be sure to take along a camera.

What to expect from Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

You will have to spend at least two days in the desert, so plan to go during the spring or summer. At the beginning of the morning, watch for desert foxes and birds flitting across the sand. At midday, the sun begins to rise over the horizon, giving way to an experience of the purest desert around.


Sunrise tours are popular with tourists because of the many activities they offer. There are also several waterfalls and other attractions like water parks and water sports. These attractions make for an amazing experience for those who visit the desert during their Dubai sunrise tour. You’ll need to start your trip early in order to prepare for the activities that you want to partake in while in the desert.

Sunset safaris are not for those who just want to stay out late in the night. If you choose to head for the sunset, ensure that you check out the Arabian Ranches Water Park. which is located right near the waterfalls. This water park offers water skiing, jet skiing, canoeing, and kayaking.

Why Choose Sunset Desert Safari Dubai?

Sunset safaris are perfect for those who are looking for the ultimate in relaxation and tranquility. The cool desert air will rejuvenate you and leave you rejuvenated. You can easily escape into a different world with a tour of the night sky. From here, take in the stars, the moon, and the city lights at dawn and dusk.


Although the sunset is not that important during a sunrise tour, it’s the time when you should visit the waterfalls to see the moon come up. If you’re staying in a hotel in Dubai you will have the option to stay overnight, however you’ll usually have to book up months in advance to make the best reservations. Some hotels may even have a private pool, so if you’re planning to stay overnight, make sure to check in with the staff beforehand.

A day tour to Dubai will take you through the mountains as you travel towards the south. After a day of exploring the surroundings, you can take in the spectacular city lights of the city. At night, watch for the night sky above the desert.

During the twilight tour, the journey takes you on a trip to the deserts north. There you can see the night sky clear from the desert and look towards the moon and stars. At this point, you can also catch up with desert creatures like the ibex. and the red colobus monkey. that are active during the night.

Other activities to do in Sunset Desert Safari

During a sunset safari to Dubai, you can also take in the sunset from the waterfalls. Many visitors choose to stay at one of the many water parks found around the city. The most popular water parks are Al Ahli Water Park and Al Barak Water Park. They offer various activities like kayaking and jet skiing. It’s best to choose one of the water parks located close to the waterfalls.

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Dubai has a lot to offer anyone who wants to experience the magic of nature at its best. So enjoy the magic of the desert and the sunsets from the privacy of your own hotel room in Dubai.

Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai A Sunrise Desert Safari takes you through the Arabian Desert from dawn until sunset. A sunrise desert safari in Dubai takes about 5 hours to complete. If you’re on an early business trip and are on a very tight schedule, then you might be able to handle a few extra hours to enjoy the natural offerings of nature on your tour.

Day-time Activities

When you tour the Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai, you’ll get to view the most stunning view of the Arabian Desert ever seen. You’ll also see all the famous landmarks of Dubai at the same time – including the Burj Al Arab hotel, the Dubai Creek, and the Dubai Marina. You’ll be able to walk right up to the world’s tallest building, the Burj Al Arab.


During the day, there will be the sounds of running water, birds singing, and the sun sinking into the sand. At nightfall, the sun will be shining brightly and will glow in the desert. The sunset in Dubai is amazing. You can witness it from almost any spot in the city. While on the Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai, you’ll get to watch a variety of animals as they roam throughout the desert. It’s a great way to see all the different types of wildlife that are native to the desert. There are also a lot of people that take part in the tour. You can also see the sunset from a camel ride.

There is More in Sunrise Desert Safari!

Many tourists love riding camels, especially during the day, and have them ride around in circles while they watch the sunset in the desert. After the tour is over, your camel will lead you back to your hotel. It’s a great way to unwind and enjoy the beautiful scenery of the area. The best way to travel through the area of Dubai that has sunset tours is by air. You’ll be able to see all the major attractions while flying over Dubai city.

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The tour also includes a visit to the Burj Al Arab Hotel, which is one of the tallest buildings in the world, and a visit to the Dubai Creek where the waterfalls of the Arabian Desert are located. You’ll also get to see the Emirates Water Park, the Dubai World, and the Burj Al Arab Golf Course.

The City of Wonders

While on the Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai, you’ll also get to see all the natural wonders of Dubai such as the Sheikh Zayed Mosque. The mosque was constructed on the remains of the old desert fort. The desert surrounding the mosque is covered with many palm trees and is home to a large number of birds and animals. You also will find a variety of animals in the area including giraffes, lions, zebras, and even a camel that lead you through the sand dunes. Sunrise Desert Safari n Dubai is a great way to see the desert and to experience a desert tour in Dubai. You will get to see the sunrise and set for four days straight. This is a wonderful experience and one that you’ll never forget. As mentioned before, Dubai also has a lot of water parks for you to visit.

Exotic Creatures

You will get to see a variety of exotic animals such as giraffes, lions, zebras, and even a camel that lead you through the sand dunes. During your trip, you can also try waterskiing, rafting, water skiing, and parasailing. If you have a little bit of time on your hands you can also go shopping in Dubai. The shopping is not as good as other places but there are still plenty of shops that you can go to for a good deal. Some of the shops in Dubai that you should check out are the International Market, the Dubai Mall, and the Dubai Pearl. Hotel. It is a great idea to bring your pet with you on a Sunrise Desert Safari in Dubai.


Pet owners can take their pets to the Dubai Creek and take a walk along it with them. They can get some nice photos and play with their pets at the same time. This is also a great way to relax your dog and bond with him or her while you enjoy the view of the sunset. It is not only about sunsets and beaches when going on a Sunrise Safari in Dubai. You will also be able to experience the desert at a much greater level if you have an opportunity to see the various landmarks and natural wonders in the area. You will have a chance to see some of the ancient Arab culture in Dubai.

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai is a great destination for witnessing the beautiful sunrise. The tour lasts for about 4-5 days. If you’re on a tight budget, you could plan some early mornings to spend the remaining hours of your vacation enjoying the offerings of nature without spending all day in a hotel. You can plan your sunrise desert safari in Dubai by booking through an experienced tour operator. A good company will also allow you to visit Dubai on an advance basis, usually from one to three months in advance. This way, if anything goes wrong with the trip, you’ll be able to get your money back before you depart.

During Your Sunrise Desert Safari Dubai

You’ll want to enjoy daytime activities such as visiting waterfalls, camel rides, and camel jousting. During the evening, it’s time for a sunset dinner tour of the city. Don’t forget to go shopping in Dubai, with its abundance of art galleries, antique malls, and shopping centers. Sunrise desert safaris in Dubai also offer spectacular sunsets at the world-famous Burj Al Arab. This iconic landmark, which sits atop the world’s tallest building, attracts millions of tourists each year. The best thing about this place is that it’s right on the waterfront, meaning you can see the water from your hotel window.


Most people who travel to the Dubai region don’t enjoy sunset deserts, but many do. In fact, sunset desert safaris in Dubai are a popular option for many tourists because of its spectacular views. It’s a place where you get to see the Arabian Sea from above. It’s also a place where you get to see the sky from a different angle. Sunset desert safaris in Dubai will usually start on the outskirts of the city. You’ll probably want to explore some of the desert areas, such as the Jumeriah Fort, which is one of the best tourist attractions of the area. At night, you’ll be able to see the light glow off the sand and the moon rise above the horizon.

Tourist Spots

After your journey to the Jumeriah Fort, make sure you spend some time at one of the beaches around the city. Here, you’ll be able to relax with the locals and sample their cuisine. Most sunset safaris in Dubai take between five to seven days, so plan well in advance if you want to make the most out of your holiday. There are plenty of cheap hotels around the city, including resorts. A good company will be able to find accommodation for you, while also providing tours throughout the area.

Limitless Activities

If you’re a traveler who wants the ultimate experience, you may want to consider going on a longer safari. Sunset desert safaris in Dubai will take you through several towns and villages. You’ll want to check the local weather reports before your trip so you know which places will be in need of special protection during the night. You’ll also want to stay in an area that’s close enough to reach the water. In the case of the Burj Al Arab, it’s not a bad idea to bring a camel or horse. These animals can carry water back and forth.

Sunset desert safaris in Dubai are a great way to explore the natural beauty of the region. You can spend the day at one of the beaches, take in the sights and enjoy the breeze while listening to music or reading in the evening. It can relax and exciting all at the same time. As you tour the area you’ll also find out more about the history of the area, such as the fact that the Burj Al Arab was once a trading post of the Portuguese. Sunset desert safaris in Dubai are available for those who like a little more adventure.

Sunset in The Desert

If you decide to head into the desert after sunset, there’s a chance that you could come face-to-face with a few desert predators. This is actually not so common, but if you don’t plan things right, you could come face-to-face with a scorpion! While there’s no guarantee, you may want to bring some insect repellent. To find the best sunset desert safaris in Dubai, look online or ask around. Many companies will give you a variety of advice, to help you make your trip successful.


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