What are the fact and factors of Coronavirus in animals?

What are the fact and factors of Coronavirus in animals?

What are the fact and factors of Coronavirus in animals?

Is Coronavirus Can Be transmitted  From Cat & Dog?

When Coronavirus started making news in December or February then it was a common belief that maybe this virus was transmitted from an animal to a human. There is quite a possibility that through eating this virus has transmitted from an animal to human but as far as its transmission through animals is concerned than that is not true.

Different researchers have been conducted and it has been proven that animals cannot transmit this virus to humans. Only humans are capable of transmitting this virus to other humans and they transmit it to other humans really fast.

On the other hand, there is no evidence that this virus is capable of transferring itself from animals to humans.

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Coronavirus In Dogs?

Coronavirus in dogs is extremely rare and there are no serious cases. According to the popular belief that this disease can be transmitted from dogs to humans. This is not true. There are no cases of Coronavirus in dogs and there are not even chances that they can infected people if positive.

Coronavirus in Cats?

The possibility of Coronavirus in cats is extremely rare. Back in time, there was a possibility that cats can contract a virus but now this message has been discarded. Coronavirus in cats is not a thing and there is no reason that you should abandon your pets.

The mortality rate of Coronavirus!

Coronavirus has started in China and from there it traveled to other countries. The mortality rate of Coronavirus is high in China. After China it was Italy that got affected by this virus and the condition in Italy is so extreme these days that 500 to 400 people are dying every day.

The age factor of these people who are dying out of coronavirus is between 30 to 76 years old.

Italy is very worried about the spreading of Coronavirus and in a speech, the Italian Prime Minister said that they clearly have lost control of this virus. After Italy, it is America that is affected the most and after Iran, there is Norway.

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The sad factors!

The sad fact of our time is that despite knowing the warning signs we are not doing anything to contain this virus. We have seen people who are going into restaurants, who are going into Malls. We have seen people who are out without realizing that they are putting many others in danger. The Government of many countries has already ordered a curfew so no one is out.

In this very bleak time, it is our responsibility to take responsibility for our actions. It is important that we know what is happening in our country and how we can contribute to curbing this extremely deadly virus.

Coronavirus is extremely deadly but in 14 days it dies down. Self-isolation is the only remedy and we should practice self-isolation as much as we can. There is no need for you to go out, to mingle with people because it is just like suicide.

The best practice in such a scenario is to stay inside and to pray to God that he protects us from this deadly virus. It is true that coronavirus is extremely deadly but the mercy of God is extreme than that. We should all pray that we stay safe, our loved ones stay safe and this virus is gone from our Earth in a couple of days.


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