Complete Travel Guide of UAE for Perfect Holidays (2020) – Things to do in Dubai

Dubai Travel Guide

Complete Travel Guide of UAE for Perfect Holidays (2020) – Things to do in Dubai

Travel Guide of UAE for Perfect Holidays – Things to do in Dubai

If you are looking for a cool place to spend your holidays, then there are many things to do in Dubai from nightlife and sports to beaches, brunches and entertainment. Whatever fun things you want to do in the UAE, you are sure to find something great.

Best Dubai Beaches

If you love beaches, then you should definitely visit Dubai. The beaches are among the best in the world and the sand is perfect for swimming. There are several hotels that have swimming pools and beach sidebars. There are also several hotels that offer packages that include activities like swimming, snorkelling, boating, parasailing, wakeboarding and more. All the hotels have lifeguards on duty twenty-four hours a day.

Dubai Beaches

Dubai Beaches

Dubai is also known as the mecca of travel and shopping. This city is home to an array of shops and boutiques and there is no better way to enjoy shopping and dining than in Dubai. There are some of the best malls in the world and shopping is the only way to relax in this city.

Entertaining Activities

If you love entertainment then Dubai is the place to be. It has one of the largest movie theatres in the world and there are several live concerts taking place all over the city at different places. If you are interested in water sports, then you will not find it easy in Dubai. Dubai has got the most luxurious and state of the art water parks in the world and there are so many resorts, spas, hotels and other places that offer you the luxury and peace of mind to enjoy the waters without getting too wet.

No matter what things you want to do, Dubai has a lot to offer. You can find anything here and every activity will make you feel like you have made the ultimate getaway. Just make sure that you plan the trip in advance and pack enough food, drinks, sunblock and comfortable clothes.

Offer Different Range of Options

Dubai offers a range of options to people who are looking for a holiday in the best possible way. You can find everything here for your holiday, from family holidays to honeymoons, romantic getaways and more.

Whether you want to go and enjoy the beaches or play golf, there are plenty of activities in Dubai for people who want to enjoy these activities while having fun in the sun. So, whether you just want to spend time with your loved ones and friends or you want to spend time with the whole families, Dubai will provide you with everything you need and more.

If you are planning to travel to Dubai then you should start making your plans today. You will be very happy to know that there are so many holiday homes available that can provide you with an unforgettable stay in Dubai.

Exciting Things to Do in Abu Dhabi City Tour

The second interesting destination in the Abu Dhabi city tour is the National Museum. It showcases the rich tradition and culture of the UAE as ancient times. It also reveals the booming art and culture industry of the Emirate and how it evolved during the past few years. This museum exhibits some important works of some famous artists from across the world. People can also take a look at the modern artworks at the same museum. This makes it one of the most important places in the tour as it offers a complete tour of the culture and arts of the UAE.

Popular Attractions

Jumeriah is also another popular tourist attraction that attracts many tourists during the city tour. Jumeriah is known for its beautiful beach and desert scenery that make it an exciting place to visit. It is also famous for its rich history and a lot of interesting artefacts are located here. These artefacts include paintings of the emirs and other historical places. There are a lot of places to explore and places like the desert oasis, the sand dunes, the green hills, the waterfalls and the camel farms are the must-see destinations in Jumeriah.

Abu Dhabi

Things to do in Abu Dhabi

The third exciting activity to do in Abu Dhabi city tour is the famous Jumeirah Beach. This beach is considered to be one of the best beaches in the world. It is ideal for families as it provides all the facilities required to have fun. It is also a wonderful place for couples to spend a special night on the beach and enjoy some intimate moments together. Children also love this beach and can go there to enjoy swimming and other fun activities. There are also lots of shops and a lot of restaurants that offer different cuisines to cater to the taste buds of different people.

Things to Do in Desert Dubai

Desert safaris have been among the most popular activity in this area. Taking place at different places across Dubai, the multitude of exciting activities and experiences on these exotic safari trips is second to nothing. However, choosing a final tour package can get very overwhelming, especially if you are planning to tour the whole of the desert area. This article will guide you through the complete list of things to do in Desert Dubai.

An Experience of VIP Desert Safari That Will Be Unforgettable

A VIP desert safari Dubai is one of the best ways to get away from it all. The sun beats down on the city in temperatures that can be unbearable in the dry season but when the rains come, the whole world seems to welcome you with open arms. You get to feel the humidity and warmth of a desert that has not been watered since the dinosaurs roamed the earth. It is amazing how the world is always changing and Dubai is no exception. If you want to escape from the daily grind and get away from your normal life then you should consider booking a luxury Dubai holiday villa.

Morning Desert Safari

 In your morning desert safari Dubai, you will get an opportunity to take a camel ride the pure Arabian safari experience with Bedouin-style, the ride on the ship of a desert on lovely brilliant sands of Dubai will be the intriguing experience. For experience devotees, sandboarding is additionally available. So, we promise you the extraordinarily ideal balance of Adventure, Enthusiasm, and Fun visit for your companions or families. To Get the most out of Morning desert safari Quad Biking is an opportunity for the thrill-seeker, with a negligible extra cost like a dream ride on machines on the soft sands Call us currently to book your adventurous desert safari trip at discount price.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai


Enjoy the Adventure of Camel Riding in Dubai

Camel Riding in Dubai is indeed great fun for all ages of people. Beautiful, exciting, and striking, the desert is surely among the most popular locations for a camel ride. This magnificent animal is an inseparable part of the Arabic tradition. It has always made them a necessity form the early days to transporting their camels back and forth from one place to another. Camel Riding in Dubai is not only a traditional thing but also it is now one of the more exciting activities to do in Dubai as well.

Camel Riding Dubai has now turned out to be more fun than any other outdoor activity. This is because of some recent changes in its history. One such thing is the introduction of some amusement parks in the city. They even offer entertainment and shopping at the same time. And, since the camel is a symbol of wealth and power in old times, this is indeed the best place to enjoy yourself and spend some quality time together with your loved ones.

camel riding dubai

camel riding dubai

You can even hire a camel of your choice and enter the amusement park for just a couple of hours. Then, you and your family and friends can go back home or anywhere else to have a leisurely time together. The adventure and thrill of riding a camel on the sand are very much enjoyable for all age groups. So, don’t miss out on this thrilling and enjoyable experience in camel riding in Dubai.  

Amazing Experience of Evening Desert Safari 

Enjoy the exhilarating experience of the Evening Desert Safari Dubai and get the unique experience of desert safari through the magnificent sand dunes of Dubai Desert. Enjoy the Evening time activities like camel riding, sand bashing and sand skiing along the dazzling sands. The Sand Dunes Boarding and Dinner Desert Safari have a variety of exciting activities to give you an adventurous feeling. Dinner on the sandy beach is a very famous and common practice in many countries all over the world. But there are some special considerations that need to be considered before this activity is planned. There are many people who are not comfortable with the idea of enjoying and basking on beaches during the daytime.

Evening Desert Dubai

Evening Desert Dubai

Dinner in desert camping safaris is an exclusive option that you can have during the Evening in desert safaris. You will love the beautiful view. The Dinner Desert Safari charges include 30 minutes of beach bashing camel riding, sun worship session, sun-bathing session, free lunch, delicious desert, International buffet dinner, sand carving and belly dance, sheesha smoke, deserts, tantra show, henna and black henna paint, desserts and much more. This is one of the most awaited adventure activities to enjoy. It gives you the experience of desert camping. You will love the exciting feeling and feel of being a part of the desert world. The desert camp offers you the opportunity to go through night and day desert camping without any hassles.


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