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December 2020

Dubai Sight Seeing City Tour

An Unforgettable Sightseeing City Tour in UAE (2020)

An Unforgettable Sightseeing City Tour in UAE Our sightseeing city tour to Dubai begins with a visit to the museum near the Al-Fahidi Fort. The museum, which dates back to the 19th century, gives an insight...

Get Experience of Dubai Tour with Dubai Sight Seeing Tour

Travel is a luxury very few can afford. Even when we are traveling, it is important that we keep in mind some of the best places where we can travel to. It is true that the United States of America or Russia can be an amazing option for traveling but none can surpass the United Arab Emirates. 

Dubai and Abu Dhabi are so beautiful that it is sure to take your breath away. If you have always wanted to travel to Dubai then now is the time. If you want to bask in the love of this city then you need to get in touch with Dubai sightseeing tours.

We are an exceptional travel agency and we know how to arrange a wonderful tour for you. If you have always wanted to travel to Dubai but you are not sure how well you can spend your time here then we can help you out. We are the best travel agency and we know that we have exceptional packages for you. Not only we are very accommodative with our customers we are also very considerate. 

It’s time to enjoy Desert Safaris

When people come to the United Arab Emirates then they usually come for desert safaris. Desert Safari tour is a wonderful experience and the best thing about desert safari is that you will have so many options. We will be telling you about the many options that we have. 

We can arrange for you morning desert safari Dubai, evening desert safari Dubai or overnight desert safari Dubai. We are the best in what we do because we make sure that we arrange exceptional packages for you. Now is the time that we tell you a little detail about our packages so you can make up your mind. 

If you have time and resources then there is no reason why you shouldn’t go for Desert Safaris. They are exceptional and you are sure to have so much fun.

Morning Desert Safari Dubai

Morning desert safari Dubai with quad bike  is the ultimate Desert Safari package. This is a package for all those people who like waking up early in the morning and like exploring the desert in the sunlight. When you will hire Dubai Sightseeing Tours for exceptional Safari then we will make sure that we make this trip memorable for you here is the procedure.

  • We always make sure that we offer our valued customers the pick and drop options. We have two packages in pick and drop and these are standard and premium. In the premium package we pick you up from your place and in the standard, we pick you up from your location.
  • The next step is all about exploring the desert. You will be exploring the desert in 4 x 4 Land cruiser and you have no idea how much fun it is going to be. In the summer the 4 x 4 Land cruiser is always air-conditioned.
  • You will have plenty of options to go for dune bashing and sandboarding. We will be bashing the highest red dunes.
  • After exploring the desert we will go into the Campsite and there are a lot of fun activities awaiting you.
  • In case you want to go for a camel ride in Dubai then that option is available at the Campsite. 
  • At the end of the package, we will drop you off your location.

Evening Desert Safari Dubai

Evening desert safari Dubai is another exceptional package of Dubai sightseeing tours and this is equally exceptional. It is time that we talk about the procedure.

  • The first thing that is included in this package is the pickup we provide the pick up because we make sure that there is a convenience for our customers.
  • For the pickup, we have two packages. The standard package will make you come to the location while in the premium package we will pick you up from your place.
  • Our next stop is the desert. In the desert, we make sure that we bash the highest dunes in a Land Cruiser. In summer The Land Cruiser is going to be air-conditioned and you are going to have all the fun that there is too enjoy.
  • Many of us are on social media and it is our normal activity to take a lot of pictures. While we will be bashing the dunes, we will also be taking a lot of pictures. It is totally up to pick the spot and we will stop there so you can take loving pictures.
  • After making sure that we have had enough fun in the desert we will be going to the Campsite. The beautiful place is definitely the Campsite and technically we would be covering the distance from the desert to the Bounding camp.
  • At the Campsite, there can be a lot of activities for you and your friends. If you have women with you then they can go and get their hands tattooed.
  • In case you have some friends with you then you can go for a camel ride with your friends after being in the camp.
  • Evening desert safari Dubai is a really nice package because in the Campsite there are so many fun activities that you can enjoy with your friends and family. These activities also include Tanura shows and belly dances.
  • Evening desert safari Dubai is a wonderful package because there is a barbeque dinner at the end of the ride. Arabian delights are very famous and having this package means that you are going to enjoy the traditional and conventional dinner at the Campsite.
  • After serving our valued customers in our best capacity we will make sure that we drop them off to their location if they have a standard package and to their place if they have the premium one.

Overnight Desert Safari Dhabi

Overnight desert safari Dubai is a package for all those people who love adventure. In case you want to have a stay out in the desert than this package is definitely for you. The procedure is much the same. After the pick up we will go to explore the desert and after dinner, you will have to stay in the desert.

Why Dubai Sightseeing Tours!

  • we are the best for your travel needs because we have years of experience in our field. 
  • We work in close proximity with our clients and we try to make sure that we provide them as much convenience as possible. 
  • We are very economical and we have affordable options available. It doesn’t matter which Desert Safari you choose we will make sure that we give you some accommodation. 
  • We are going to take you onboard in our best capacity.

So if you want to explore Dubai and its deserts then it is high time to get in touch with Dubai sightseeing tours. We are an exceptional travel agency and we make sure that we arrange brilliant tours.


Yes, it is safe to go for a Helicopter Tour in Dubai to better explore the city through the sky. We at Best Dubai Trip always make sure that you are provided with the best options and well-functioning gear for your tours. As far as the helicopter tour is concerned, we make sure that you are accompanied by experienced pilots. From safety belts to upgraded gear, you are protected at all times.

Yes, it is completely safe to ride a hot air balloon in Dubai because we at Best Dubai Trip make sure that you are accompanied by experienced pilots and are aboard a well-functioning balloon. So, there is nothing to worry about when opting for a Hot Air Balloon ride.

There are many attractions places in Abu Dhabi tour is one of which is Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque. It is a beautiful structure built with white glamorous marble. The mosque provides a cool environment even in daylight due to its white marbles. Furthermore, you can also check-in at the Emirates Palace which is a 7-star hotel built along a private beach. A day trip to Abu Dhabi can provide you with many photo opportunities but the Emirates Palace will definitely blow your mind!

If you want to opt for a sightseeing tour in Abu Dhabi then 1 day or even a few hours is enough the explore the city. From Sheikh Al Zayed Grand Mosque to Ferrari World, you are provided with ample time to explore the city.

Taking your child on an Evening Desert Safari with Quad Bike or even in a Land Cruiser for dune bashing can be risky, For instance, Dune bashing can go wrong and the car would topple over and cause casualties to everyone in it. Or, If you’re riding in a Land Cruiser with the windows open, your child will inhale the dangerous sand particles. This will trigger breathing problems in your child and might become dangerous in the future. Therefore, we advise you not to take your child in these rides.

Formal dress code is recommended when going for a Creek Dhow Cruise. Now, there are some rules that you need to keep in mind e.g. Men are not allowed to wear shorts of any kind and the women are advised not to wear clothes that are sleeveless or a dress that reveals too much skin. Any other dress either casual or formal is accepted. On another note, flip-flops and slippers are not allowed.

There are two types of Dhow Cruises in Dubai; Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina and Creek Dhow Cruise.

Creek Dhow Cruise: It personifies the old part of Dubai and is located at Dubai Creek near AL Rigga.

Dhow Cruise Dubai Marina: It represents the new and modernized Dubai and is located at the Marina Region

Evening Desert Safari is the cheapest safari and there will be ques in food and other things. In VIP Desert Safari price is a bit higher and there will be a separate table for your friends and family and there will be a separate waiter/waitress there to serve you everything on your tables

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